Golf Fashion

Golf is a game that includes not only necessary tools for playing it but also appropriate clothes.
The whole game is considered an expensive hobby and clothes are part of this category as well.
The evolution of golf clothing was along two major streams, usability and fashion.
Special antibacterial shoes, waterproof and breathable fabrics, small additional accessories, combined with the will to be on the trend resulted in an exclusive line of high priced clothing.
Reputed brands started to produce for the golf niche as they understood this was a good opportunity to profit from, combined with the probability of enhancing their names.

Golf fashion includes garments for men, women and kids as well.
Amateurs golfers tend to wear similar clothes as professionals, as part of a mindset that claims that this will improve their game.

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PGA TOUR | Fall Winter 2015/ Golf Wear | Performance Jacket

PGA TOUR | Fall Winter 2015/ Golf Wear | Performance Jacket