GPS Units

How do you calculate the distance from your position to the hole?
One of the best options is using a GPS Unit.

These sophisticated devices will make your task quite easy providing you the ability to choose which club to use and how strong your swing should be.

There are many types of units for you to choose, from relatively low priced up to very comprehensive "machines", including hybrid types with laser capabilities and voice reaction.

If you decide to have a basic device your choice is between a watch type and the handheld one, both of them having similar features.

Some GPS Units come with thousands of worldwide golf courses pre-loaded and we advise to look for those who won't charge a recurring payment for this.

Another good advice is to look for a high resolution and sunlight-readable screen as you'll play at different hours and at different weather conditions.

Last but not least tip is knowing that all units are battery powered and you should prepare to have a backup source of power or a place to recharge it.

Please be aware that these kind of distance measuring aids is not permitted in official tournaments.

Most of the offers on this website include a free shipping bonus, some of them offer a discount from time to time, being these factors also important to consider.

Brands like Garmin, Bushnell and SkyTrack are current best sellers.

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GolfBuddy Voice Golf GPS Device

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