Golf Carts

Walking is part of the golf game, however, due to several causes, some golfers prefer not to walk but to take advantage of wheels. That's why Golf Carts were invented.
They evolved to sophisticated vehicles, adopted by most players around the world.

There are communities where golf carts are permitted outside the golf course.

These small vehicles are powered by electricity (batteries) or by gas, however there is a new trend of gasoline powered carts, despite of the pollution and noise problems.
The newest trend relates to solar powered machines, however, they are still not as effective as the others.
Their light weight and slow velocity have led to permit the usage of them even from the age of 13 in some USA States.

Golf Cart

These carts are usually planned to carry two players and their equipment.
A new type of cart is presently gaining popularity, the SoloRider, it is an adaptive one designed for a single driver, providing also the possibility for disabled persons to move along the course and play the game without leaving the vehicle.

Many reputable manufacturers are leading the industry and slowly including sophisticated improvements and accessories in their basic carts.

The price of them may range from around a thousand up to more than twenty thousands USD, depending upon many variables like age, accessories included, number of passengers, etc..
It is possible to find real bargains in used vehicles if you are looking for a low cost cart.

Have some fun: