If you want to play golf like a champion you must use a rangefinder.
Practicing helped by such a device will give you a better feeling of distances together with weather influences like wind velocity and field slopes as well.

Rangefinders are devices who measure distances from one point to another one.
They are vastly used in several fields, including sports, mostly hunting and golf. It is very convenient for a golfer to know the yardage from his position to the flag-stick.

There are many options to choose, depending on different technologies, distances, prices, target image, etc. all of them on our website.

The most common rangefinder nowadays is the laser powered technology, however there are GPS powered and hybrid devices combining both options.

When choosing the GPS or the hybrid device try to look at pre-loaded golf courses, without a monthly subscription, and not less important, check out the maximum yardage measuring capability. Just be aware that everything is reflected in the final price.

Rangefinders are not allowed in official tournaments on the PGA level, however, they are becoming more common in the amateur field.

Please see further instructions in the following video:

Nikon COOLSHOT 40 Laser golf Rangefinder

Nikon Coolshot 40 unboxing